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My obsessions.

Shameless promotion

Decided to use this blog to promote my new blog since for some reason I still have a lot of followers over here. the-catwhiskers.tumblr.com

Im going to be on this blog for a while so if you want to ask questions or just talk my ask box is now active ^-^
I made an email for you guys to talk to me on! I actually check my email a lot more often then my tumblr asks so I suggest sending anything to there =D


(I also made this so I can talk to people that follow me on this account and my new account without logging in and out of them)

Talk to me?
Thank you?

I some how reached 401 followers from doing nothing. I seriously don’t get why I continue to gain the followers but thank you anyways. =)

Answering questions on my other blog!


and yet i still gain followers

This may sound rude but..

please stop following me. I’ve gained a lot of followers for no reason and I don’t even post anymore. I literally only check this blog like once a week just to see if anyone msgs me. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but I feel bad because i’m gaining these followers for no reason and it’s not like your getting anything for following me because i never post anymore. I still love you guys and I hope you have a great day! <3<3

Come ask me questions on my other blog!



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